Port Issac & walk on part in Doc Martin

June 24 2012

We took the campervan down to beautiful Port Issac in August and spent 5 days exploring the area. We especially enjoyed the walks along the coast and the ferry crossing from Rock to Padstow, which was followed by buying some great artist prints and a very tasty portion of Rick Stein’s chips.

We also visited the Doc Martin film set for a few days. This came about after attending a Born Free Foundation Charity Ball where a ‘walk on part’ to the TV show was being auctioned. Not only is it for a fantastic cause, which Martin Clunes is a long time supporter of, but seeing behind the scenes of the TV show was really interesting. We never realised how much waiting around there was, but chatting with all the cast, crew and being able to let Brad wander around the farm with the other dogs made the experience all the better. If you’re interested in which scene we appear, we are on the bus in the episode in which Mrs Tishell stole Martin and Louisa’s baby! Which was aired on ITV on October 31st 2011. The expression on our faces during the scene caused much entertainment amongst friends and family.

Special thanks to Molly Bolt who looked after Brad for a 3 hours whilst we did the bus scene. Oh yes… 3 hours filming for 30 seconds of airtime.

More photos of the Port Issac trip can be seen on the gallery page on our website.

Valarie Hackett organises local events raising money for the Born Free Foundation so if you are interested in her sending you details please drop her an email.

Fabulous Places: Summer Fair 2nd-3rd July

May 15 2011

summer food & gift fair

I LOVE the fabulous places events….I spend hours wandering around discovering tasty delights and gifts from local providers & I am pleased to say that this year I will there as an exhibitor, taking along the Ginger King Camper to give people the chance to have a look around inside.

Debs handpicks each and every stall to ensure your visit will be full of temptation! There will be lots of delicious hot food to enjoy on the food terrace, fun activities for little ones & over 50 stalls selling everything for you and your home.

The venue for the Summer Fair is Derby Roundhouse – a truly magnificent space which comes to life even more when all the exhibitor stalls are set out. One thing I can assure you of  is that the Summer Food & Gift Fair is an event not to be missed. So get the 2nd/3rd July in your diaries and come along to have a fab day…and remember to come and say hello.

Click here for more information, directions and other exhibitors

Ginger King Campers features in the…fabulous places ‘etc’ guide

April 15 2011

The lovely Debs of award winning ‘fabulous places’ approached me to feature in the ‘Ways to Stay’ section of the new ‘etc’ guide. The approach followed her holiday last year in the Ginger King Camper with her then partner (now hubby) David and their two dogs Molly and Toby. You can read Debs review of her trip in the guide along with lots of other top tips on where to ‘shop…live….eat…explore Derbyshire.

To purchase a copy of the ‘etc’ guide visit the fabulous place website

Blog review from a happy camper

February 9 2011

Hello….I thought I’d start the blog off with a review from Martin & Ruth who hired the camper last summer and kindly wrote this blog article.

“I love festivals. I love camping. I love camping at festivals. Well, I did until Bestival 2008, where it rained on the Isle of Wight for three days straight. By the time we left on Monday morning, the camp site looked like a battlefield with the abandoned tents playing the role fallen soldiers to the mud’s victorious all-conquering army. So when it was decided that my girlfriend and I would go to How The Light Gets In philosophy festival in Hay-on-Wye, we weren’t taking any chances. We wanted a camper van. Enter Ginger King Campers.

Ginger King Campers are a new company with just the one camper van for hire at the minute; what a camper van it is too!

The first thing you notice about the camper is the striking paint work on the outside which turns the vehicle from a standard camper into a work of art. With a design by artist Julie West, the cartoon style that wraps around the body just makes you want to have fun. You honestly can’t see it without thinking “that’s cool, let’s follow it. Where’s the party?” We had a three hour drive from Derby to the festival and it didn’t take long to realise that this van seriously turns head. They say driving while talking on a mobile phone is a dangerous distraction; well so is driving past this van. I now know what it must be like to drive a sports car with eyes staring at you as you go by. I should probably also say the van is a pleasure to drive. If, like my girlfriend, you have never driven anything larger than a Ford Fiesta, you might be a little daunted at the prospect of driving a bedroom/kitchen/living room on wheels, but after five minutes on the road she was driving it like a chauffeur.

When we arrived at the site in the low light of the summer evening, we could still make out the eyes of people around as they caught a glimpse of the design. It was like being in a crocodile infested river while shining a torch on the surface the catch a glint of the crocodile eyes. Having parked up, we needed to get ready for the night ahead. That meant turning this van into a bedroom before the rain came down later that night. We’d better get cracking, we thought; this may take a while.

Fifteen minutes later and had a bed made, the black out curtains were up (these curtains do a mighty fine job of keeping the light out so you need to set your alarm if you want to get up early) and the kettle was on. Unbelievable. Two dyspraxic, spatially challenged, malcoordinated weaklings had done this is no time at all. The toughest part was trying to put the duvet cover on the duvet within the confines of the van, but even this was achieved without either of us resorting to violence.

The bed pulls out from the seats in the back of the van and it is surprisingly comfortable, even though we were parked on a slight incline. I’m quite a short chap, so the length of the bed was never likely to be a problem for me, but I suspect even a taller person would sleep quite comfortably in here.

As the sun rose, so did we, and, just as night follows day, a cup of tea follows getting out of bed. This meant getting water and boiling it. The van comes with a large water container which needs filling and then putting outside the van with a pump through to the van. This meant that we could have running water in the van for the sink. Imagine that! A van with plumbing. What next? An inside fridge?

Yes, exactly that! A fridge for beer, milk, bacon or a TV remote control in times of confusion. This was impressive. We were told beforehand that the leisure battery in the van would keep the fridge going for three – four days if there were no on site mains leads, which there weren’t. Had there been a mains lead on site, we could have kept the fridge, the interior lights and the water pump on constantly while also enjoying the benefits of the microwave and plug sockets which are all included with the van but are reliant on having the on-site power that we lacked. We didn’t need the microwave because the van also has an in-built gas stove for cooking bacon and sausages (and probably other things too if you don’t fancy heart problems). Did we need to bring our own cookware? No. It was all included: pots, a frying pan, cutlery, coasters, kitchen knives, mugs, plates, tea bags, instant coffee, olive oil, tomato ketchup and, of course, the kitchen sink.

Had we planned on spending more time in or around the van, rather than in the festival site, we would probably have put the awning up also. As it was, we didn’t use it, but it was good to know it was there should we want it. The instructions for the tent say it takes 15 minutes to assemble which meant I could probably have tripled that time and factored in a trip to A&E, so I thought better of it.

I wrote most of this review on the last day of our trip because I wanted to write it as I was with it, rather than as an afterthought. It’s been a pleasure to live in for three days and a real talking point around the campsite. If you want a weekend away with the freedom of camping but with more of the creatures comforts of home, I highly recommend this camper van. This is more than just a camper van; it’s a Mercedes-Benz for interesting people.