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Who is the Ginger King?

What’s on our doorstep?

There are two main reasons we started Ginger King Campers.

No.1 – The Ginger King, also known as ‘Brad the Dog’ – who looked at us with big sad eyes when he saw our suitcases packed in the hall..knowing we’d be heading off for a week or more without him. We’d love to be taking him on holiday us, rather than miss him while we were away…so first reason for the camper is more adventures with Brad. After all he deserves a holiday too, its hard work being a dog! So in homage to Brad, we called the company ‘Ginger King Campers’. You can see a few photos of brad enjoying a few trips in the gallery. So now you know who is the Ginger King.

No 2. In 2008 my friend Steph & I took a month to travel the North & South island of  New Zealand in a campervan and WOW…we where utterly converted. What a fantastic way to see the islands, we saw so much in that month, it felt like we had been there for months. Travelling between places, the people we met, wine tours, sky dives, zorbing, star gazing, treking…all of it amazing. What surprised us the most was the quality of the campsites…not sure what we had expected! Then we went on to do the east coast of Australia…which we enjoyed but the biggest difference was clear….the size of it…and it was the front of the post card below that got us thinking….

Map of Europe within Australia

The UK is small in scale…like New Zealand it’s easy to get around and see a lot in a short space of time. So why is it we haven’t explored what’s on our doorstep in the same way?

Ginger King Campers was then created. A home from home, on four wheels with all the comforts and convenience built in.

PLEASE NOTE:  We have decided to no longer hire the camper from May 2013.

If you are interested in the camper to attend private or special events then please get in touch as we may make exceptions.